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About Us

Sensory Design

We utilize the science of all the senses to create a perfect sanctuary through harmonizing color, texture, sound, scent, light, and function matched to a clients specific preference.  

Personal Attention

We genuinely work to achieve the dreams you desire with care, precise analysis, and creative excellence- a lost art in today's design world of reality TV, mass catalog marketing, and import product saturation.  We know how to find the buried treasure with over thirty years of trade resourcing.

Competitive Pricing

 We are sensitive to budgets, market costs, best places to save and how to get the most look for the minimum outlay-the expertise of many years and many resources.  The end result is great value and avoiding design disasters!   


Window Treatments

Very competitive pricing on blinds, shades, soft shades, with design guidance that insures your foundational window treatment is best for your overall design plan and look, not just privacy. 

Custom Drapery

Fabrication experts! Years of design expertise and access to choices not found in big box stores are all yours!  Premier workmanship and installation. 


Access to trade resources never found in retail redundancy and limited inventory.  shop with access to the best of everything in any budget range.  Seeing is believing!


Learn of a full range of accessory resources not readily found in retail venues.  We also shop local discounters to save you money if the item is just right!  We care about getting the right item and the right price!

Architectural Enhancements & Remodeling

Seeing what others have not imagined is our strength!  Suddenly, blah areas transform with architectural know-how into stunning spaces of unique detail and functionality. Beautiful custom cabinetry is our bailiwick!

Space Planning and Staging

Let us help you layout your room with creative accuracy and functionality.  If you are needing to sell your home, we are experts in staging your home by creating stand-out spaces to rise above the competition when needing to sell your property quickly!

The Designer


With over thirty years of interior design, renovations, package design, and product development experience, Laura finds the perfect balance between intuitive innovation and meeting the needs of the client, whether an individual or group.  Her clients remain her cherished friends and it has not been uncommon to design multiple homes for a many of her clients. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, her client reach extends to the DC area, Boston, Rhode Island, and Texas.

Client Comments

Frisco, Texas

"I had worked with other designers but none could hold a candle to Laura as she knows exactly what your tastes are. She did an amazing job on my house!"

L. Michel

Nashville, TN

"Laura has decorated two homes for me and we are doing a third.  If I had the money, I would keep moving so Laura and I could keep working together. She is a delight to work with!"

G. Carter

Chevy Chase, MD

"It was easy to work with Laura even though she was not local...Laura was able to bring our vision to life! She listens to the client and works hard to understand their needs and lifestyle. "

Mr. & Ms. Gletner

M. Janagian, Rhode Island

"Laura has incredible vision.  Her attention to detail is unmatched.  I was amazed at what a good listener she is!  She was able to discern and respond to my needs in a way that resulted in my home was transformed from plain and ordinary to unique and beautiful.  Above all, Laura is a pleasure to work with. She is talented, kind, and responsive. "

Roxanne, Hendersonville, TN

"Moving into my new home, I was overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made and Laura pulled everything together so effortlessly. She truly has a gift. I receive so many compliments on my home because of her extraordinary talent."

K. Casada, Realtor

"In the 20+ years I have known Laura Adams, I have found her not only to be sensitive to the needs of the client but exceptional in the field of design and fabrication with a unique talent for a creative interior design concept. 

I have personally used her services for my residence as well as recommend her highly to clients purchasing new homes." 

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